Almost Time

I’m still working through the Holly Lisle character book/class. I’ve started reading the plotting class, too. I am really liking the new ideas that are springing up!

I am having to remind myself that slow is fine and I don’t need to know all the changes and additions I need for my revisions right now. And I don’t have to do it all this week. My impatience is trying to make me feel like I’m not doing enough, but I am.

I’m getting a better feel for my characters and my story world. I’m getting interested in it again. And I’m right on schedule to start the actual revisions the weekend of the 20th. It’s a little sooner than the six weeks I’ve seen recommended, but I’ve also seen just one month recommended, and this will be just over a month. I feel like I’ll have enough distance from the story at that point.


4 thoughts on “Almost Time

  1. If you feel you’re ready, then you probably are. Just give yourself the luxury of stepping back if you suddenly discover something you really want to explore further.

    Writing, from everything I’ve seen, is as much about compromise as anything else.

  2. Great to see you checking in for ROW80 and to read that you are feeling good about your writing progress. Sometimes, revision feels like a gigantic mountain, but you have a plan and a process — and that great infrastructure from Holly Lisle’s classes to help.Listen to your own intuition as you go forward and have a great week.

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