Checking In

I don’t really have anything to report, but I haven’t written a post in so long. I figured now’s a good time. Job hunting and the inherent stresses of that and of being unemployed are weighing on me. I do some writing practice, I do some MuseCraft™ work, I do things around the house.

Sometimes writing doesn’t get to be the priority. Sometimes there’s just not enough brain power and mental space for it. I feel like this is an important message, so I’m just reminding myself and maybe you, too. The writing is always there. It will be there when you can make space for it again. We’ll do just fine. Don’t worry.

One thought on “Checking In

  1. Thanks for posting . . . I have a hard time letting go of that daily schedule of write first, even if only a few words, and then on to the rest. Your words remind me that all will be OK. Perseverance furthers on taking care of yourself first! Hope the coming week is a better one.

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