I Remember You!

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Doing a quick ROW80 check-in before returning to work on a new coaching package for writers over at MuseCraftâ„¢.

I’m making really good progress in the outlining.  Actually, I’ve delved into some character work the way I used to with a brief description of the characters and then lots of looking at pictures to find what they look like, what they wear, furniture they have, things they like, etc.  But oh my gosh doing this with the internet is so incredible!  It’s kind of what I used to do but at the same time nothing like it.  Where I used to pore over a pile of magazines and catalogs, now I have a bajillion pictures to choose from with a single clickety-click of my mouse!  It’s amazing and fabulous.  And Pinterest is making capturing the images so easy.  I’m in love.

I’m also remembering these characters I started creating almost 18 months ago.  They never fully got off the ground back then even though I did a good chunk of story writing about them.  I never quite got a feel for them. They just weren’t people to me, not enough for me to plow ahead and write their story.  That’s been changing this week.  They’re starting to be in my head.  They’re starting to be different from each other and really show their personalities.  And they’re fun!  I like them, and I’m looking forward to finishing up character work this week and diving into setting some cornerstones for the story next week.  And then I think I’m really going to be ready to sit down and write on February 1 (or maybe even before, but shhh, don’t say that out loud)!

Now I just need to get better and visitng other blogs to keep my fellow ROW-ers company and keep me thinking about writing, and I’ll be good to go.  See you on the blogs!




6 thoughts on “I Remember You!

  1. I’ve used catalogs for research purposes before! For some reason, it helps to be able to see a picture of an item. I’ve even done ‘shopping lists’ from the catalogs. It’s a lot of fun.

    • Kathy, it really is fun, isn’t it? I love the idea of shopping lists to see what my characters might want to buy. That’s great! Also, I think doing things in the most fun way possible is always a good idea. We’re writers because we love it, right? We should be having fun.

  2. I totally agree with the idea of there being some fun, Kim. Writing is often hard, so why not leaven it with some fun.

    Your comment about the characters not being real to you struck me. I think that has been a problem with several of my stories–I just need to let the characters become real. I should try the shopping lists idea. Hmmm.

    • Elizabeth, I realized that it’s been a problem with all of the stories that I’ve gotten really stuck on. I used to do a lot of character play before writing, then I became interested in different forms of planning and outlining and didn’t do the character play any more. And suddenly my writing stagnated. I didn’t make the connection until I went back to the character work and felt them coming alive and felt the story ideas starting to flow.

      I hope the shopping lists and palying with characters helps. Have fun!

    • Pamela, it’s great fun! It’s a lot like playing make-believe as a child, but you get to be *all* the people.

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