Juniper Wiles–Book Review

Warning: this is a Charles de Lint book, so I am wildly biased because I love everything he does. But you should read this.

Juniper Wiles (Newford, #21)Juniper Wiles by Charles de Lint
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I found myself weepy in the early pages of this book because I was so happy to be back in Newford. Later, I was a little uncertain. It was Newford, but it was focused on new people and new locations. Then I remembered that places and people change and grow, and this has happened in Newford. And I got a delightful check-in with old friends and found some new ones. Oh, and the story? So good! Really full of adventure and excitement. I’m hoping to see more of Juniper Wiles at some point.

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