Maybe Yes, Maybe No


It’s time for this week’s ROW80 check-in, and I’m just a little too tired to find a fancy image to go with my post.  ROW80 logo to the rescue!

Luckily my writing week went better than my image finding.  I’m not all the way through my read-through of Blood of the Mist–I’m never very good at figuring out how long something will take me.  I’ve made a lot of progress and have some really good notes about story ideas.

I think the story is good, too!  I think.  I can’t really tell.  I’m enjoying reading it after several years away from it, but to be completely honest I don’t know if I’m enjoying it because it’s good or because I really love this kind of story.  Is it good? Maybe yes, maybe no.  I know I’m liking it and feeling excited to move forward with it, and that’s the important part right now.

For the coming week I’m going to make a push to really finish this read-through and at least get started on scene notes.  I’m also going to do better at checking in on blogs because I completely failed at that this week.

I did one other big writing thing this week.  I signed up for a writing retreat in October!  I have always wanted to go to a writing retreat, and an opportunity opened up last night for a retreat not too far from home that I found out about after it was already full.  A group had to cancel, and suddenly there were open spots, so I snagged one.  I am so excited!  I am practically counting the days.

What’s going on in your writing life?  I hope you’re having a great writing week!  Drop me a note and let me know.

See you next time!

6 thoughts on “Maybe Yes, Maybe No

  1. So happy to hear about your writing retreat. It will be a great chance to find inspiration and time to write. So glad this opportunity opened up for you. Best wishes for a productive week.

  2. I’ve already told my Accomplice that I plan to do a retreat when the kids are at the point where they could be OK with that. My son, pushing right up against 14 now, is close – but Lise isn’t there yet. Sh still needs her mom close by.

    So maybe we’ll be in Oregon before I can do my retreat, and that’s OK,too. =)

    I’m guessing your story is good – I tend to find that I notice what’s wrong a lot more easily with stories I’ve set aside for a few years. If you like this type of story, you’re going to know what’s good when you read it…

    Have fun with the revision process…I do love that delving and note-taking part. And may the retreat exceed your wildest dreams!

    My writing life? Lots of drafting, revisions, revision planning, blogging, and homeschool reports. All but the last are a hoot!

    • Your writing life sounds busybusy, Shan. Glad the majority of it is fun stuff! I am still enjoying the read-through and note taking, and I’m finding parts that are just filler and not so great, so maybe you are right and that beginning stuff *is* good. For now I’m keeping it.

      Oregon has so many fabulous places for retreats! Places for solo retreats, places to go with a few friends, more formal retreats led by teachers, etc. If your retreat is after you’re here, you will be in a good place for it.

  3. A writing retreat sounds like a fabulous idea. I have never been on one. That’s on the bucket list.

    It’s exciting and overwhelming when reading and editing a manuscript. Been struggling myself to complete a full edit/revision of my novel. I can do the short stories and 1 act. The novels seem so daunting. But I have learn small steps and determination go a long way. You got this!! And by months month I should be complete on edit, then onto inputting.

    • Small steps are absolutely the way to go for longer stuff. Looking forward to hearing how things went for you at month’s end. Best of luck!

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