Today I finished the read-through and note taking of “Haunt,” just in time for the final 2017 check-in for ROW80.

I’m planning to not do much of anything before the next round. Mostly some reading and playing with character sheets. It’s the end of the year, and I like to spend this time dreaming and writing and making lists, and I plan to do just that.

I am reining myself in and not doing plans or outlining or anything for the next 11 days. I can already tell this is going to be hard. I am really worried about losing my momentum, because that happens to me a lot. But I have a specific plan of what steps are coming next, and I know when I’m going to start them, so this time really is different. I will remind myself of that often and fill my time with other pursuits, and I am going to pick this story back up and do the next steps without months in between!

Meanwhile, while I let the story stew, I’m going to plan my 2018 year-long embroidery project. More about that later, though. More about all the plans after some time to pause.

8 thoughts on “Pause

  1. Lovely! I’m hoping to do the same — just extending that dreaming and planning through the end of February. Look at that view out your window! Looks just like mine, a little snow, a lot of cold. Perfect for mapping out what’s next. Have a very good year!

  2. Yay for finishing the read through! I am so very bad at taking breaks. I am planning on taking Monday off. And after tomorrow, the kids will be home until Jan 2, so there will probably be less progress.

    Hope you have a great holiday!

    • Breaks are hard because we are surrounded by the idea that we should be productive! get things done! do more things! But we need breaks.

      Have a great holiday, too!

  3. Reining yourself in should only be something you do because you cannot function without it… if it’s unpleasant, ease off the pressure just a touch, to keep control. Or offer yourself a new and different outlet… poetry, photography, meditation. Allow the creative fires someplace to stay warm and vibrant without allowing themselves to burn themselves out.

    • Eden, you are definitely right. I am going to be doing some fun things (including making a French memo board, although I’m not actually sure what makes it French 😀 ) over the break. And I have a few other crafty projects lined up, so I think I should be able to give my brain a break without it being a struggle. Thanks!

  4. This sounds restful and delightful. I’m basically just taking every day as it comes right now, and giving myself a few goals. Today, I want to hard boil eggs in my Instant Pot, move things from the old dresser to my new one so Jim can have one to himself, and move the hoosier to a more useful position so I can use it for doing the sauce inventory. Unfortunately, I’ve hurt my shoulder, so the furniture moving may have to wait.

    Love the image, and the peek into this peaceful, creative pause of yours.

    • I adore making hard boiled eggs in the IP. I hope yours come out great! Take care of that shoulder!

      I’m glad you like the image. I love looking out this window (it’s in my kitchen) and watching the sky. I am aiming for peaceful and slow during the break, and it feels very good.

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