The Weekly Geek, October 22, 2014

I know everyone’s using the word “geek” these days.  Also, this may not be a weekly feature.  But I’m really liking the feel of the name, so I’m keeping it.

Woven Newspaper

I’m not one of those deep-into-one -thing sort of geeks.  I’m more of a dabbler, with lots of love for a variety of geek-leaning things.  And I’ve been wanting to use this blog to keep track of some of it.  But I kept thinking I needed to have a plan for organizing it all, and so I never got started. Then I realized, I don’t need to have a fancy, shiny, perfect plan at all.  I just need to start writing about the things that thrill me, right from where I am now.

What you’ll see here:  lots of talk about TV shows and movies, especially horror and sci fi stuff, about books and writing, ghosts and ancient ruins and haunted houses and archaeology and cemeteries.  Pretty much anything that I love I’ll be sharing here.

So, jumping right in, here’s what I’ve been into the past week-ish:

  • Went to see Evil Dead the Musical, because how could I not?  I love Army of Darkness and have been known to quote it too many times, so I couldn’t resist a live-action musical, and I was not disappointed.  Campy and fun and a great way to spend a Friday evening.  And there’s one song that ran throughout that keeps popping into my head.  “Look who’s evil now!”  Catchy, infectious little tune.  If you see the play, don’t say I didn’t warn you!
  • Attended the annual Time Travelers’ Ball and Market Faire.  I didn’t have time for a new costume this year, so I pulled out my faithful Italian Renaissance garb from my SCA days and had a great time.  I love going to costume events–Renaissance, Regency, Steampunk, mixed like Time Travelers’ is, but I don’t sew and so often don’t quite manage to get good costumes together.  But I can dream.
  • Lots of TV watching: a Tremors marathon, Sleepy Hollow, Gotham, Children of the Corn (the original), and Pumpkinhead (What? It’s almost Halloween.).
  • Doing a lot of catch-up listening to StoryWonk Sunday, my favorite writing and story podcast.  I’ve started listening in the car during my commute, which has made said commute much more pleasant.
  • Listened to the first episode of Dusted, a StoryWonk podcast about Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Worked on assignments from a writing class I’m taking, Sufficiently Advanced Magic, from Alaistair of StoryWonk (I’m a huge StoryWonk fan–you may have guessed).  I’m writing a classic-style haunted house story, and the planning so far is lots of fun although I find myself really wanting to travel to New York State to research the area.  I’m trying to appease myself with lots of online pictures and tourism websites.
  • Finished reading Crane (Legends Saga Book 1) by Stacey Rourke.  An extreme amount of grammatical and word-use errors made it really hard to enjoy, but I did finish it, and the story itself was a fun take on the Sleepy Hollow legend.
  • Discovered Smart Pop Books, anthologies filled with essays about all sorts of pop culture geeky goodness.

That’s what’s going on in my world right now.  Some weeks won’t have all of this stuff.  It’s just been a pretty full week of enjoyable distractions.  Next time will probably be mostly about writing and reading, but we’ll see.  What about you?  What are you loving right now?  What are you reading?  Watching?  Is anyone else loving Gotham a lot?  Can’t wait to hear what you have to say.