Wednesday Afternoon

Afternoon LightIt’s still high summer, but the light is changing and I can see Autumn in the slant of the afternoon sunbeams.  It’s been a very contemplative week, and this thought and this picture seem perfect for it.

On the ROW80 front, it’s been a fair week.  I got some writing done, including a flash piece that may be something I can edit and submit.  I really like it a lot, so I have hopes for it.  I didn’t get to as many blogs as I intended, so I need to make that happen in the coming week.

I didn’t get as much writing done as I’d hoped, though.  An extremely hot weekend had me down for the count.  We’re also house hunting, and we’ve just signed on with a real estate agent so there’s a lot to do with that.  I’m getting ready to do a presentation at this year’s Willamette Writers Conference, so that’s taking some time.  And today our beloved office dog died very suddenly and unexpectedly, and I am mourning and missing him so much.  I know he wasn’t my pet exactly, but I spent all day every work day with him and we were very attached and so it hurts a lot.

I did do one very fun writing thing.  On Friday I took an online class with Cat Rambo. This is the third (fourth?) class I’ve taken with her, and I always enjoy them.  To me she is a perfect example of a working writer, and I love getting to learn from her.  And her classes are always very small (5-8 people), so I always feel like there’s time to ask my questions and really dive in.

I also wrote a blog post about my favorite writing prompt sites, so if you like prompts check it out: 10 Prompt Sites to Rev Up Your Writing.  And as I mentioned last week I have a new Facebook group for talking about writing lives, maybe doing some writing together, sharing resources and tips.  Here’s a link if you want to join us: Wild Minds Writers

For the coming week:

  • Three writing sessions
  • Check in on five ROW80 blogs
  • Find my notes and handwritten pages for my Mist story because I’m really feeling a pull to get back into that one and finish it

In and amongst house hunting, packing, and other summer activities, I think that’s enough of a list.  See you next week!


10 thoughts on “Wednesday Afternoon

  1. Ooh, thank you for the link to the prompts sites! They will come in handy!

    Sounds like you’re quite busy, so I don’t think you can be blamed for the lack of writing this week.

    • Thanks, Emily. 🙂 And glad you like the prompt sites. I love them!

      Busy-ness makes it easier to let writing slide. I’m trying to remember to make room for it no matter what. At least I got some words in, though.

  2. I am very impressed that you can get anything done at all while house hunting. I know I’m not moving anytime soon, but sometimes I get the bug and will spend hours looking at houses on-line. Ok, maybe I am just easily distracted.

    Anyway, best wishes on the house search and for a productive writing week.

    • Chris, the real house hunting complete with actual mortgage approval and a realtor is just getting started, so here’s hoping I can continue to get some writing in while I’m doing this. Fingers crossed! Thanks for the luck.

      Oh, that distraction thing? Mine is shopping online for books. I can spend hours following links and reading samples when I have no intention of actually buying a book. Oh, internet! You are a two-edged sword!

  3. Again, so sorry about the loss of your office dog. And house hunting! And getting ready for a presentation! I don’t know how you’re getting anything done. I do love feeling that pull back into a story–good luck with that.

    • Thank you, Amy. Sometimes, especially for short bursts, I get more done when I have more to do. Have you ever noticed that too much time makes you procrastinate worse? That happens to me all the time.

  4. I’ll borrow from the Vulcans:

    “I grieve with you.”

    It’s hard to lose a canine companion. Doesn’t seem fair that their lives are so much shorter than ours. Our pit bull-Viszla mix, Corki, is eight and a half, and he’s starting to look like an older gentleman, It’s sad, because he’s such a wonderful guy, and he’ll be so very missed when the day comes. We adopted him when Annalise was not quite 3, so they’ve really grown up together – and pit bulls adore children, so he’s mightily attached to ‘his Girl’. Now she’s 11, and on the brink of adolescence, but he’s becoming elderly…

    Sometimes writing just takes a backseat to life, and I think that’s OK…it also tends to provide good story fodder, when you can write again.

    Many hugs and much love.

    • Thank you, Shan. It breaks my heart that we don’t get them with us longer.

      Corki must be adorable with a mix like that! What a beautiful thing for him to get to grow up with his girl.

  5. Last weekend was the hot one around and I was down for the count. This past week cooler, but still in the 70s, where I like it to be.

    I love to found new prompt site. It helps getting the juices flowing when I am having a dry week.

    Here’s an awesome and productive week!

    • Prompts are great! They don’t help me get past the heat, though. For that, I think I need central air. 😀

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