Goals and Wants

Last week on Sunday I set goals for the week. Somehow, I forgot (or disregarded) the fact that I had a big event this weekend where I was running a meeting, arranging and manning a display table, presenting projects and documentation of my own, and helping evaluate projects and documentation for two other people. I actually did not have time for the goals I wrote up last week.

They were really nice goals, though, so I’m using them again this week. I should have time to actually work on them even! I think it will go better this week. So, this week’s goals:

  • Clean out my working pouches of embroidery floss and detangle it all
  • Do some writing about writing practice to figure out why it’s feeling dull
  • Write a blog post for my MuseCraft website
  • Create a page for a MuseCraft offering I want to put out in the world, find an image for it, and do a list of things I want to include in the copy
  • Continue the declutter project

One thing I did do this week was continue my 30 day 5-minute declutter project. That is actually going really well, and I have some clear spaces and a fe things organized now that weren’t at all that way on January 1. I’m really happy with this 5-minute decluttering because I know I don’t have to do a lot so I don’t feel overwhelmed, yet it’s getting things done. I don’t think I’ll continue an every day version after the 30 days, but I’m definitely adding this into my weekly schedule.

Now about those wants mentioned in the subject. I have so many things I want to try or do or make! I am constantly enticed by new and fabulous things (mostly crafts, really). I want to do so many things, and I gather too many supplies and tutorials, and I don’t do much of any of it most of the time because there’s just too much. So I’m having a notion, not solidified or ready to be a plan yet, that I need to decide on my primary crafts and get all of the supplies and tutorial and books and whatnot gathered in one spot for each of them. Everything else needs to either get given away or stored away for the possible, occasional use in the future. I don’t know how this will look, but it’s a direction I want to move in, so at some point some of these tasks will go on my goals list.

That’s about it for this week. I hope everyone’s having a lovely Sunday. Have a great week ahead!

4 thoughts on “Goals and Wants

  1. The curse of the crafter, never enough time to do all the things. (Also the curse of the writer and reader.) I still have boxes of fabric in the basement that I’ve forgotten what their original intended project was.

    I hope that the decision on which crafts are your main crafts comes easily. Years ago I did a similar thing, deciding to “give up” anything involving yarn. It’s a small rule, but it helps contain the crafting just enough to make the SO happy and keep the house relatively clean.

  2. I so feel your pain on setting goals, then remembering something big you planned that will totally derail them. Also totally relate to the crafting dilemma! I discovered woodworking last year, but there’s no time for it! I do well just to get some writing in and keep my house halfway habitable. Good luck figuring out your routine and what you want to work on next!

  3. I think (based on the other two comments and my own experiences as well as other blogs I’ve seen) that creative overload is a near universal dilemma. Sometimes our minds are just too big for our schedules… and our prolonged passion. And it can feel so tempting to hold onto those bits and pieces because “I spent all that money” or “But all that time I’ve devoted to this will be wasted….”

    Is it though? I’m starting to think not. Every thing we do and try helps us grow and connect in new ways with our world and ourselves, even if we never go beyond he first peek.

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