What’s the Plan?

It’s already time to start the first ROW80 round of 2019! And I don’t have goals set. I’ve been sick for three weeks, so that’s really sidetracked me. Last week I was so sick I didn’t even get to go to the family Christmas. I’m back to the base level congestion and headache that started it all, but the cough from last week is lingering, too. Bleah.

That’s not actually what I was planning to talk about, though. I wanted to talk about all the things I want to do. The list is huge. So I’m going to start with a general list and say that I want to work on all of these areas:

  • Writing practice
  • Writing fiction
  • Blogging (for MuseCraft and here)
  • Putting up coaching offerings on MuseCraft
  • Art journaling
  • Embroidery
  • Sewing
  • Decluttering

Getting more specific, I am going to try out setting some quarterly, monthly, and weekly goals. The new planner I got for the year is set up to help with that kind of planning, and I think it will be useful for me. I’m also going to set weekly goals for myself in my Sunday check-ins.

This week’s goals:

  • Find all the stray embroidery floss that’s roaming around the house
  • Set up a project pouch for the next embroidery project I want to work on
  • Do writing practice at least twice between now and Sunday
  • Spend 5 minutes a day decluttering studio things (this is to go with my first 30 day challenge of the year, decluttering every day; I’m keeping it small and simple)

My overall goals are a little bit amorphous right now, but I feel like since I at least have categories that will let me set weekly goals. I’m going to take the next few days before school starts again to get clearer on these goals and work on those quarterly and monthly goals to help me keep with the weekly goal setting plan. Hopefully Sunday’s check-in will be all about how I got that all set up–that’s the plan, anyhow.

17 thoughts on “What’s the Plan?

  1. Uuuugh, that flu. That’s been going around up here, too. How awful. I hope the rest of your recovery goes swiftly.

    Having the various categories of goals figured out is a big step. Do you have your long-term vision for those areas written down? That helps a whole lot, too.

    I smiled at the floss finding goal. It’s like scissors finding for me. At one point in time, I know we had not fewer than 15 pairs. Wanna guess how many I can usually find?

    • LOL! I’ve had a smaller version of that problem with various craft snips and scissors.

      Writing down the long-term visions is part of what I’m doing over the next couple of days. Hopefully it will give me some focus.

  2. Sounds like you have a pretty good plan. I looked at those planners before deciding to make my own. I love your decluttering goal. I may need to try it for the next round.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks, Lila!

      I have made my own planners a couple of times, but I’m a sucker for the shiny covers and bound books. 🙂

  3. I like the idea of weekly goals to help you as steps on your own creative journey, Kim. Don’t like that you’d been sick quite as much…. <>

    Good luck on the floss hunting. I have that sort of problem when I’m looking for a pen. Of course, when I don’t need one they’re everywhere.

  4. You’ve got a plan for the week, and an idea what to do next for your broad categories. If only you hadn’t gotten sick, you might have gotten even further – but this is a good beginning!

    Enjoy the floss-hunting, the pouch-setting, and the goal discovery.

  5. That Commit 30 planner does look like it would be helpful with pretty much any plan. I have been eyeing the 100 day goal journal for similar reasons. Seeing everything laid out on paper for planning helps me a lot.

    I hope your plans go well this year!

    • Thanks, Ginger! I hadn’t heard of the 100 day goal journal. I need to look at that. (I have a serious weak spot for journals!)

      • I have a serious weak spot for journals and planners too. I’ve been on a quest to piece together the parts I like into a custom template because I’m never entirely happy with any specific product. I want to just keep the parts I like and actually use.

        • That’s the tricky thing. I like parts of differet planners, too. I haven’t tried piecing it all together to make my own, but now that you mentioned it, it’s very tempting.

  6. Sorry you’ve been so sick (3 weeks!? You must have felt so down too!)
    I hope you’ll regain your strength soon.

    Starting with weekly goals seems like a good idea, at least you’re moving forward at your own pace. Have a nice end of week.

    • Thanks! Yes, this lingering thing is letting the blues creep in. But the smaller goals are helping me do some things which always makes me feel better.

  7. Great goal categories and solid mini goals for this week. That planner looks useful. I’ve been trying to declutter too! Five minutes a day is a great option, I was doing that for a while. Now I’m starting to make hard decisions about what to keep/get rid of so my goal is to get rid of 5 items per day. I hope you heal soon!

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