Is there actually such a thing as pre-planning? I mean, isn’t it just planning? You’re planning what you’re going to work on, right? Pre-plan is actually in the dictionary and means to plan in advance. Isn’t all planning done in advance?

I didn’t mean to start off on a tangent, but as I was thinking of titles, the whole pre-planning weirdness really caught me. Still, I guess I’m pre-planning right now because I’m working on figuring out what I want to work on in 2019.

I have a list of nine (NINE?!) novels in some stage of progress. Some of them I had completely forgotten about, but when I went to the NaNoWriMo site to see what I’ve worked on over the years, there they were, titles just hanging around waiting for me to remember their stories. 

So, nine novels to choose from (if I can find all of the relevant notes and drafts for all of them–there’ve been some computer changes over the years). And four short stories that I’d like to get finished. 

My plan is to pick one of the novels to work on for the year. I don’t know if that means I won’t do NaNo in November. I think that will depend on how work on the chosen novel goes. I don’t know exactly how I will go about diving back into an old, partially completed novel. That will probably depend on which one I choose. But for right now I have the list of titles for both stories and novels all in one place, so it feels like the start of getting organized. 

Next step (after Christmas) will be to find the files and documents and notes for the various novels and see what exactly I have to work with. Then I think I’ll be able to set some good Round 1 ROW80 goals. 

2 thoughts on “Pre-planning

  1. I think I have twelve drafted novels that AREN’T fanfiction, and at least half a dozen more that are, not including stories and poetry.

    And three marketable novels in draft, and a couple more fanfic ones…

    These numbers are likely conservative….

    I, too, will be deciding which projects might come up in 2019 – but my primary focus for the year will be on finishing all the courses I have underway, so I can build the foundations that will allow me to build out a career with my words.

    I see pre-planning as all the groundwork that needs to be done to get to the point of creating a relevant plan. For me, that’s mental, physical, and emotional work…a gradual process of getting a clear vision to work from.

    Maybe that’s kind of what you’re doing, too?

  2. Planning can often happen mid (and even nigh the end) of a project. Options change, choices have to be reconsidered… and as Shan noted above, sometimes there is a lot of mental and emotional energy (and often even some physical gathering of resources) that goes into creating a full plan of attack on any given task.

    Going back to old novels can be a fun place to renew your energy. You may be surprised at all the possibilities you find, Kim

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