Mixed Bag


It’s already time for a ROW80 post!  And I don’t have nearly enough to report.  I did check in on blogs this week, so yay for that.  But I only got to one writing session.  A mixed bag of some progress but not quite what I had hoped and planned for.  Still, it’s better than no writing at all.

I’m finding it harder to get into the new story than I thought it would be. I am struggling with my usual overwhelm.  I have so many ideas, and I am not doing well at pinning them down.  Why is it so easy to walk someone else through this stuff but so hard to follow my own advice? As usual, I get hung up on wanting to write thousands of words each writing session even though I know realistically my life won’t support that right now.  So I tell myself to do it in small steps, but I want to do big steps, so I end up doing not much of anything at all.  This round, I intend to wrestle this beast to the ground and build a regular practice!  No more of this inner arguing.

I’ll be checking in on Wednesdays rather than Sundays most weeks, so I’ll be back on Wednesday with a short report.  By then I intend to have done at least one more writing session and checked in on a couple of blogs from today’s check-in.

Do any of you struggle with this issue of wanting to write thousands and thousands of words but only have limited time that just won’t let you do it?  What do you do about that?

See you Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “Mixed Bag

  1. I always find the beginning of the story is the hardest part. And because of that, it’s the easiest part to put off. I hope you gain a bit more flow with it over the coming week!

  2. Getting started can definitely be difficult. And, yes, I’m often overwhelmed by how much I want to get done and knowing I can’t get to all of it. I have so many ideas bouncing around in my head, it can be hard to settle down with one. Which is part of why I have so many 1st drafts on my computer. It’s harder for me to get through the editing than it is the drafting.
    Good luck this week!

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