Myths, Writing, Reading, Dreaming

I started this site quite a while ago.  I’ve made several changes to it, started over, started over yet again while I tried to pinpoint what exactly I was after, what I really wanted to do.  But in the end it turns out that it was a lot more simple and magical than I was letting it be.

Cottages are filled with fairy tales and myths, or at least the starts of them

I want to write and read and dream and learn about fantastical, magical, impossible things.  And I want to talk to other people with the same interests.  I want to talk about fairies and read about ghosts, share good books, maybe read some together.  And I want to talk about writing stories with these things in them.  I want this to be all about mythic fiction, the people who write it, the people who read it, the stories about it, and the creatures that inhabit those worlds.

Who wants to join me?